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Highlights from Around the World

Many members of a group of teachers were making a return trip when they visited a nearby cathedral as part of an Educational Care workshop, yet almost all of them left with a greater appreciation for the landmark after leaving.

“Although they had visited before, not many of the teachers really read the descriptions or thought about the building’s connection to history,” says Al Persenaire. Al serves with CRWM’s Educational Care program, recently led a training in the Dominican Republic for 16 Christian school teachers. He says this trip to the cathedral was among the highlights of the training.

Al challenged each of the participants to learn something new while perusing the ancient building. He also asked them to come up with ways that they could use this experience to educate their students.
“When we talked the next day they were full of life, started gelling with one another, and had a meaningful conversations.” Al’s recent experience in the Dominican Republic is just one of many highlights from visits to the field. Here are a few more from CRWM’s regional leaders.

West Africa: Although CRWM has no missionaries on the field in Liberia and the grants that we provide are modest, God reaffirmed the importance of long-term commitment to ministry here to Ron Geerlings when he visited for a country evaluation. This included a visit to a Christian school in a Muslim town.

Philippines: On a visit to the Philippines, Paul Yu met the international students who are attending Asia
Theological Seminary. He introduced them to Timothy Leadership Training and Educational Care and the students were excited about the idea of bringing these tools to their home countries of India, Korea, Brundi, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Germany: Steve Van Zanen traveled to Germany to lay the groundwork for CRWM’s new position in Germany. Among his highlight was meeting members of Berliner Stadtmission, the main organization with which CRWM will be partnering in its work with refugees.

Mustard Seed Growth

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus compared the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed—one of the world’s smallest seeds that produces one of the largest trees. This parable reminds us that the work of missions is often slow, but with God as our gardener, He creates amazing results.

This month’s Missions Advocate shares a few highlights from around the world that reminds us of this mustard seed growth. Seemingly small acts like going on a field trip in the Dominican Republic, giving a small grant to Liberians, or adopting a missions strategy in a Canadian church are already bearing much fruit.

This video from Moving Works (found atcrwm.org/MustardSeed) or by clicking the image below) reminds us of the importance of the mustard seed in missions. Share it with your church or missions council.

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