Second Update – Urban Promise

Hope you are doing well. Just a quick update. Curtis and his team will be crossing the border from Saskatchewan to Manitoba today. After a bit of a drive this morning – Curtis will be riding from Fleming to Brandon Manitoba where the Gary & Judy Edwards have provided for the Teams need. Thank you. Tomorrow they will continue on to Winnipeg where Gregg & Leanna Filmon are providing for their needs. They have also arranged for a group of their friends to join them and hear Curtis’ story. Thank you. Please keep the team in prayer as they continue to have open doors to sharing. Below is another short video clip that the team has put together – please take the opportunity to share this with others.

We’re all in this together, we do it for the kids, for the families that wake up everyday and work their hardest to put meals on the table. This journey isn’t for me, it’s for the community. To help…



Thank you for all you have done or are doing in support of Curtis, the Ride for Promise and UrbanPromise Toronto. We appreciate you.





Peter Kentie

Director of Development

UrbanPromise Toronto

416-516-6121 (ext23)



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